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well, yesterday was pretty funny. worked all through it while the sun shone. now that there is work to be done in earnest at the store, i miss alex like the dickens, like the austens! i double miss her, from both being bored & being swamped. sucks hard. lets not dwell in the shadows of employment, let us instead crawl out over to here, where i swoop in on my veritech & jenny & i hustle off to dinner. i said it when i was a wee sprout who only came to gotham for spree crimes: dojo is the place for me. i always claimed it was the part of the new york university (nyu) circuit that i would patronize forever more, & now that i'm a gotham regular & arkham prince, it is true times three (x3). so it was my wife & i at the restaurant with our usual, a plate of tofu & seaweed & tahini, washed down by a bottle of blue. then we walked uptown to our next engagement!

i had a brainstorm heading to the upright citizen's brigade (ucb) theater, & whipped out my cell phone too call up star of stage & screen, simon. i had a noodling in my bones, & when the hammer struck & the steel was quenched, there he was! waiting for us at dusk. no, it wasn't dusk, the place was named dusk. the sun had vanished sometime before-- where to, who can say? all shorn of locks! which paralyzed jenny & me with a paroxysmal attack of giggles. it is like, what if i showed up at the bar with a natural gandalf beard? funny enough, that was the theme of the evening: facial hair, & no joke.

glug glug glug! we put our drinks in my belly (everyone's drinks into my belly) & then to the theater. comedy! paddington mike was in town, having wisely left the wrong coast for our coast for a little while, & here we were to see his funnyman act. there were a few first! a gentleman who called penises "sandwiches" & then pantomimed juggling sandwiches. there was a bit of yelling back at forth to each other in the audience, with some very funny moments, & hey! i was an audience plant! & i heckled michael & i made fun of his beard & the beard police came & the next thing you know i was doing the slow clap. never let it be said i never participated in the upright citizen's brigade (ucb)! there was another gentleman who jenny had heard on the sound of young america (tsoya)! & another guy who might have been in a walking-space fight with me. i didn't clap for him, just in case! it was a funny time, & afterward there was chatter & shots of southern comfort (soco) & home & laying on top of each other.

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