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like blue's clues, but with people instead of a dog. also guns.

some of these olympic controversies are nonsense, but others them are pretty rough, man. for the former, there is the totally riped-off mickey mouse that bejing is using as an olympic mascot. "no, not mickey mouse! it has holes in its ears like ancient coins!" okay, guys, we can tell it is mickey mouse. how about instead you just give disney the finger on this one? "oh, yeah, that is definately mickey mouse. he's totally public domain though! even in your country! wait, what? you let them change the laws so he wouldn't be? you let them do that? woah, & you point at us for flagrant disregard of copyright laws!"

sidebar, i'm totally eating a bagel & also some pineapple. they stole my blood, i need to! hey, okay, back to the regularly scheduled programming. so then there is the gymnastics thing. which is a little bit rougher. he kexin is basically fourteen. she's been said to be born in nineteen nintey-four (1994) for like, her whole life. so when the olympic commitee asked china about it, china flourished her chinese passport. "hey, says sixteen (16) on this document we wrote for her!" so the international olympic comitee (ioc) is like "oh, cool. hey guys, i saw some paper with a number on it. out of our jurisdiction!" so whatever. all the other gymnasts seem to be pretty much in "bring it on" mode when quoted. still though. weird how communist countries are just super commited to sneaking underage girls into gymnastics.

the other controversy that i'm just becoming aware of (i'm not like, olympic omniscient!) is the fireworks one? well, the opening ceremony. they over-dubbed a little girl singing? they thought the other little girl wasn't cute enough? classy, guys. & the fireworks? yeah, well, they happened but what everyone actually saw generated images (cgi)? like, they just put them in digitally because of the smog? hey china, you have a slight pollution problem, i think. whatever, they shot off like...a thousand missiles at the sky to keep it from raining. not a joke or an exageration, they seriously shot more than a thousand rockets at the sky to modify the weather. kudos to you for that!

in events, hey! togo won its first medal ever! for canoing. man, that has gotta be exciting if you live in togo. some american trap shooter (a game i suck at in video games but am okay at in real life) broke some records & got the gold. germany got the horse golds, but usa took a silver. way to go gina miles & mckinlaigh! though i was rooting for new zealand, since they had a horse named gandalf. sorry, ireland's watership down! china took men's saber, & also that diving gold that i watched; those girls kicked a lot of ass, to be fair. getting tens (10s) & everything. united states (us) is still good at swimming, phelps has eleven (11!) golds...also took a bike gold. germany just just now took men's foil, women's épée is a world war grudge match! germany versus romania! china versus hungary! i think hungary already took bronze though, beating china. hey, i'm hungarian a little bit!

how could i forget about the ad that the spanish basketball team ran in the newspapers for "luck!" that is...that is super racist!

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