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hello, you can call me brave soldier.

another morning & the doc's (dr's) office, & i kicked its ass! lab work needed to be done, & last time i had eaten in the last eight hours (8:00) so it wasn't a good time for them to blood-let me. this time it was! i told the nurse "i must avail myself on your leechcraft!" & she smiled, not understanding, & asked if i had been fasting. "no, but i haven't eaten in the last eight hours!" really, that hardly counts as a fast. you've got to starve yourself till you have a vision quest or something for it to count as fasting. she smiled at me again, not really bothering to pay attention, & stabbed me in the veins with a needle. i didn't mind! i was all laconic & shit. go ahead, man, i don't mind, i'm good. then i needed a urine sample, & i had gone right before leaving the apartment (snuggled jenny warm in the bed) but my staying hydrated came through for me. copious ammounts of pee! go on & have a little, you can have it, witch doctors (drs).

yesterday was number crunching at the salt mines, & then home with caroline, all fluttery on stims. jenny & i went tra-la-la-la to the gym, & i did a nice bit of curls. cut my cardiovascular exercise (cardio) short though, since i was bored, but not before seeing the chinese girls kicking ass at synchronized diving. jealous! powers. that night, jenny & i lay in bed for a while talking about...animals? genetically engineering dolphins, & whales beaching themselves (& being blown up with explosives), the thylacine, bigfoot in that guys meat locker, elephants living with buffalo, old british hippies who turn out to be druids, that kind of thing. chuckle chuckle. i haven't been reading much, though-- that has been weird, not reading very much. i've had company on the train & haven't felt like breaking it out at home.

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