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more olympic discourse. be civilized!

so, my favorite olympic sport is easily the biathlon, right? cross country ski half (.5) the distance of a marathon (42.195 km * .5 ~ 20km) & oh, right. inbetween, where you start going into cardiocoma, you've got to shoot at targets with a rifle, shaking hands & everything. the "go around & hunt in siberia" sport. there is a place in lake placid that has a range; if i had a life of greater indolence & luxury, i'd be sore tempted to gain the ability to at least do a biathlon. i don't know how it works, but it would be cool to learn, right? no point thinking too much about the winter olympics though, as the summer is on!

i care about the swording & the shooting, right? forget all the rubbish they'll show you on network television (tv). gymnastics. bah. except for that girl nadia who got all those perfect scores. i don't like to think about her, she kind of hurts, she's so good at stuff. & that old russian primadonna. okay, gymnastics is okay. & swimming, the americans are really good at swimming or whatever. phelps is tied at number one (#1) for most gold medals. swimming. lets talk about the battle-sports! south korea (s. korea) has been kicking ass at archery, & the gunplay & fencing has been going around the circuit; judo is going to china & japan. okay. & also to...azerbaijan & italy? italy, quit it, you keep winning medals i want the united states of america (usa) to get! we picked up men's trap shooting gold, i'll take that. russia clobbered everyone at greco-roman wrestling. i want to see some greco-roman versus (vs.) judo matches!

this girl prapawadee jaroenrattanatarakoon has kind of been my favorite; she's the thai golden child! she used to not be as good of a weightlifter, but a nun told her she has an unlucky name. so she changed her name to "prosperous lucky girl." oh man, i support your behavior, your wizardry has given you a bonus to strength. good buff spell.

today it looks like there is men's foil (no americans), women's epee (america not in the running), some men & women's judo & men's greco-roman wrestling, & ladies' pistols. there is also women's team artistic gymnastics; is that cool? i can never really remember what is cool in gymnastics. i think i like artistic, since it involves doing crazy things from just standing or running around, right? it has a couple of different phases? one is maybe trampoline? yeah, yeah, & the thing with the ribbon. china already one the boy's. we'll see.
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