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spent a nice chunk of last night picking jenny's brain for ideas. she's full of an imagination & she isn't using it for her game! she has no game. though she kept taunting me that while i go off on sunday's to play lets-pretend with my friends, she pulls down my game books & runs a game for her friends. that absolute tease! anyhow, some pretty bad news coming my poor bastard player's ways, courtesy of one jenny k. sorry suckers. other than that, just a slow twist & unwind; i was a little wrinkled & faded watercolours from my sunday binge, & wasn't feeling up to much.

i did sneak out of the apartment for a drink briefly across the street. my paddington bearesque, paddington bearest chum mike was in town. he's popular, everyone in america knows who he is. he sells you cell phones, he's on a commercial so it is like he's a member of your own family. oh, commerce. they will wash your brain for you, hang you out to dry! he happened to be just across the street from me, so i put my pants on & gave him a bit of ye olde smalle talke. what, sure, why not. it seems like tommorow i'll go to his comedy show at the upright citizens brigade theater. after i go to the local vampire's & have a little bloodletting done.
Tags: oubliette

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