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so, does everyone know about the ten meter (10 m) air pistol event in the olympics? china (pang wei) won the gold in the men's competition, & by the way, it is the most hardcore, more murderingest event of the olympics. seriously, what! basically here is the event: practice killing people execution style. seriously! you have to hold it one handed, no support-- no fbi stance, no cop stance, none of that. just point your gun one handed at a target & kill it shoot it. thirty feet (30 ft) away. which is to say, at the range most shooters tell you that handgun kills happen at. china, south korea (silver), north korea (bronze), & then america got fourth & fifth (4th & 5th). come on usa! we need to get our gangland killing medals. this is important to me, try to get it together for the two thousand twelve (2012) olympics. oh wait, the end of the mayan calender will happen before then, maybe? so then this was it, the last ten meter (10 m) air pistol event. sad. at least we picked up the gold at women's saber. kudos mariel zagunis! & the silver, & the bronze, too. eff you other countries, our ladies will sword you to death! oh, i'm pretty proud about that.
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