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i really must be better, because i've been doing actual things! or pseduo-things, i guess; i haven't been swinging about on my spider-webs so much as sitting fat amidst them & waiting for my prey to come to me. yesterday the red bullet herself zoomed on in after her haircut. i spent the portion of my day after seeing the doc (which wasn't as bad as apparently i made it sound?) hanging up my clothes, washing some dishes, & cleaning up a little. kept me from the gym, which is a bummer, but i made myself useful. i can go to the gym tonight! then like i said, danielle time!

we kept ourselves busy playing on the wii a little & talking about her roommate situation. nothing too much, just a little light warioware action to give us something to go. a little oil for the axle of interaction! & then we folded up our claws, zip zip, & went for food & booze. picking up a little carton of boxed wine at the liquor shop i mentioned that i was interested in experimenting with the box, since the scuttlebutt seems to be that as space age fabrics get integrated, quality is skyrocketing & even surpassing the glass bottle. see what i did there? space age? skyrocket? anyhow, the lady behind the counter sneered & had nothing nice to say about science. then we scored some sandwiches & went back home.

back home i cut the sandwiches into fourths. i figured, counting jenny, that let us split three sandwiches pretty nicely. lowest common denominator! then danielle & i watched a little scare tactics, which apparently she'd never seen? it is okay, for a summer show. oh, television lull. jenny came home & pointed out that we'd left her all heels! i ate a heel! i'd tried to help. but the calculations went awry! finished up the night with some drinking & some more wii gaming, & a jon & kate plus eight (+8) nightcap. after that, i fell asleep, but jenny woke me up-- on the prowl!

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