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pamela isley in gotham's greenery.

last night is a watershed, a blue ribbon evening! i actually left the apartment, & i even had almost a full glass of beer. i am mostly on the mend, finally & plague-b-gone! after work i met up with pamela at the grand army enterance to prospect park. there was a party & a gathering for a parade-- brooklyn is funny for throwing so many parades just for brooklyn. i think this one was called "one night in brooklyn." pamela & i hooked up under one of the pillars apexed with an eagle & into the green went we.

pamela has nabbed some google snacks for a picnic, & we needed to spot out a location. i took us to the concrete circles (pictured in my icon) where jenny & i had sort of carved out a spot when we were dogsitting claudio. at the time we had joked about how we were reclaiming the spot from the bush bunnies. bush bunnies! it sounds really offensive, but it isn't? or, is accurate & thus the term to go with. bernie explained it to me in a moment of dawning realization. those guys you run into on the out of the way paths who are just hanging out are actually on the prowl for anonymous gay sex! once the signs & codes were explained to me, my eyes were opened forever more. anyhow, i can't remember if jenny & i were joking or not, but since then the spot has totally gotten nice; a lady wading in a pool with her dog, some dudes playing cards, us having a picnic of indian food-- nice.

afterwards, we went strolling through the park. man, i got turned around in the first bit; i don't even know how! we made some circuit of the tip of the park. i had my compass in a spin. anyhow, i got my feet under me after a second or two of blundering, & pamela & i went through the ravine, which is a very nice little bit of forest in the middle of the park. pamela was surprised to see it, spoilt on manhattan, i think. after a little more strolling, we were off back to the apartment. we hung out with the wii & the television & the jenny a little bit, & then i walked her to the train & she was whisked away into the darkness.

on the way home, i picked up a couple of burritos & perhaps gained a pivotal fragment of information on the taqueria girls? there are a couple of very similar sisters with very similar elaborate facial piercings, which explains how the facial constellations have been so shifting. anyhow, i brought home a second dinner for me & a first for jenny & we ate it while watching the penultimate episode of the mole (not anywhere near as good as celebrity mole, which is basically brilliant) & eventually i had to tuck her head out of my lap & tuck us into bed.

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