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okay i'm starting to turn myself on. i'm talking to kingtycoon about using dungeons & dragons new edition to play tmnt & other strangeness with. listen? you think that the teenage mutant ninja turtles are just an eighties (80s) cartoon fad, then you don't get it. anyhow, the teenage mutant ninja turtle roleplaying game provided my segue into gaming, along with some of the best character creation ever. the problem with it, as i recently learned when some friends & i tried to walk down memory lane, is that actually playing a palladium game is impossible. since dungeons & dragons fourth edition (dnd 4e) is so utterly playable, but has such a snooze for character creation, maybe cramming the two together would work? hot tamale, it just might!

brainstorming a little? first, Bio-E has to be conserved. a good mechanic that makes the game fun as anything. the easiest thing is to standardize things like "hands" & "biped." maybe hands: partial gets you simple weapon proficiencies, hands: full gets you martial? biped is trickier? i'd guess it influences your speed, but also maybe biped: partial lets you use one hand in a fight, biped: full lets you use two? then for various animal powers, you play it by ear, ad hoc? find an appropriate power under a class or monster & swap it in for "quill armor" or whatever? obviously it needs work, & i think wizards of the coast or some third party should buy the license for tmnt & since palladium let it lapse, & then hire me to develop it under the gsl.
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