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a jar of honey & asparagus!

asparagus, breakfast of champions! another tyr's day dawns & cracks the unsubtle sky, & reckless is the mordicai! i sang myself a song all morning, a song about me, & how great i am. i wish i remembered some of the rhymes though, because i was pretty much on fire, surrounded by a dark corona of flow. laugh all you want, but it was so! ask the nightingales, for they were like to come down from their boughs & serenade along side me.

last night i was all ready & fired up to go to the gym with jenny! but she was a fussbudget & elected to stay at home, but i powered onwards regardless. take that, cough! i came home & cleaned dishes while jenny made us some dinner: broccoli, sausage, pasta, vodka sauce. we eat that a lot, actually. i like it because it is gruel-ly, & all i really want is "food substance" or better yet, pills. anyhow, then we watched jon & kate plus eight (+8) which i guess i'm supposed to admit has grown on me? i really do give jenny's television shows a fair shake, even though many of them are utterly awful (i have my own awful programs). i never hated jon & kate... & i guess now i'm kind of charmed by it? because i have a gross biological clock inside of me.

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