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i'm a eutopian, guys, really.

i largely work with heterotopias, right? in that positing serious flaws adds to verisimilitude. since i tend to elaborate on the worlds within me by dint of telling stories, this is important. the communal aspect of the storytelling means that plausibility is required; suspension of disbelief is the only way to get the spice flowing. & the spice must flow. the way i build my cities & nations is with a eutopian eye-- i build a perfect world! but i use flawed builders. you know? i try to make a solid vision. a caste system in which all the participants are equal, able to flow from one cast to the next based on skill & desire, & above all functional. then i put in flawed actors. that is how i break things: human error.

it makes me think about fixing those holes though, you know? & wondering a lot about the mistakes made in modern settings, like the real world. certain inequalities are demanded by the system. you want cheap shoes, kids in the third world want nickles, & there you have it. looking at that, all i see is the clog at the top; the plutocrats failing at economy, failing to move money around, & therefore screwing everyone "below" them. aristocracy was yesterday's story; it allowed some humans to be people, which at the time was a huge deal, but humans are at a point where most humans can be people. i think the financial aristocracy is the next to go; i can't really understand how it is allowed. it seems to me that inheritance is the thing to kill. i get that procuring resources for your young is a big part of the species, but we're also trying to build a system that makes people, & not apes. humanity is on that tightrope between animal & overman, you know?

i really am into the "noble lie" lately. the answer to "who watches the watchmen?" is that the watchmen are deceived into watching themselves with ideology. that the guards are told they are the elite, that their job is to protect the kine because they are superior to it. like parents watching children. this is a fine tactic, in the short term, but i think like all dogmas, it dilutes into lip service too quickly. i kind of admire the catholic priesthood & the samurai for having really shitty dogmas (no sex! die for silly reasons!) to ensure that only true believers actually get the nod, but the escape clause of just being a bad priest or samurai is always there. lip service. so one thing i like to think about it the post-human nobility. the oligarchy of the superior. not some kind of aryan nonsense, but, you know, if there was a sort of system that could be achieved to make the noble lie a noble truth. i think about it. i put it into my game. we'll see how it works out.
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