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there was an odd occurance walking to work this morning. an older women with scoliosis, whom i've seen on my trek before, kept leapfrogging me. i was walking along-- i'm tall, i move with something of a purpose, so i make okay speed. she was behind me, then she'd sprint-jog to pass me! then without altering my pace at all, i'd pass her, & so she'd sprint-jog to be in front of me again! she ended up getting to the train station first, but only after running into traffic & putting out her hand to the oncoming cars to make them stop. & telling women with strollers to get out of her way. i'll allow her the latter, but running into traffic? that is just bad civics!

yesterday was an odd day of doubles, after i got home. first, after wikipedia-browsing spencer for hire all day, when i flipped over from a program i just deleted off my tivo, there on vh1's i love the eights (80s) was a blurb on the show! man, when i was a kid i really liked hawk, & i didn't figure out till today that it was captain sisko! also they had a blurb on romancing the stone which is a great film, but not a double. then there was the book i finished, which i guess i'll give a write up in lieu of talking about it?

the stolen child by keith donohue.

i read this on theresa's recommendation, after procrastinating on it for a few months. i liked it-- it was a little too "readable" for me to tear through? but i don't have anything bad to say about it. at a number of points during the story, i thought about the book mother nature, which posits the changeling myth as an infanticide rationalization, & it turned out that i was right! he thanks sarah blafer hrdy in the acknolwedgements in the back. then, for more doubles, jenny had started reading mother nature while i was asleep last night! fun, right? i thought it was. i think the choice of the book, making the changelings more just slightly magical feral children, was interesting? i wouldn't have gone that route. anyhow, i like alienation, so i liked this just fine.
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