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work is a giant mess, which isn't my fault, but is my mess to clean up. it is the way it has to be, & it isn't fun, but it is getting done. there are repercussions in other planes, as above so below, but i'm not going to worry about that; it is all outside of my control & there is no point in me trying to manage it. i will put the work ducks in a row & i will shoot the work ducks. dead. because that is the proper procedure. it isn't my favorite thing, but it makes a hard black lump of coal in me which i suppose i'll turn into a diamond. watchtower jenny has been solid during it; she's a good fall back position, let me tell you what.

& yesterday was the oxford interview. people ask me how it went, but i'm stymied to answer. how am i supposed to know? i mean, i didn't make a horrible mis-step? but i'm not the judge, i'm the petitioner. pick me! i'm the doggy in the window-- i can't tell how cute i am! i feel like i'm pretty cute though. there was a bit where she asked me what oxford's signature was & i started talking about the physical book design (the beige & maroon borders, like) & she was like "no, no, not that, i mean..." & then she listed all the things she meant, & i was hard pressed to say more things, since she'd just said them all! like, "intellegent," &c. still, after a second of stammering i had something useful to add, about oxford being on this side of pop science. i think it went well? i mailed out a thank you letter this morning. fingers x'ed. i'd be really good at that job.

& i'm still sick. jenny says i have bronchitis. what the heck, man? i'm not so bad during the day apart from the occasional coughing spat, but come bedtime & just cough & cough. it is to the point that my muscles are sore in the morning from it. sleeping next to me is a real treat for jenny, let me tell you what. i've been taking medicine, & jenny made me shots of lime juice & honey, & i've been drinking tea & cider. it does have one positive consequence, that being that i finally made an appointment with my doctor? i'm going to go to the doctor finally. anyhow, yesterday was a coma of mediocre television because of the aforementioned illness; i wallowed in it & watched scare tactics, chelsea lately, the colbert report, america's next best dance crew & you know what the stand-out show was? a best-&-worst-of clip show of jon & kate plus eight (+8), actually.

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