mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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gestapo! they wear boots in the shape of the moon, they've got special hats on & all the special spikes & epaulets. blue veils & hooded trench coats. the dream police! secret officers of doodles & scribbles. fresh as the smell of grass bleeding. so what about them! i don't mind them; they have a captain & he plays the organ, wears a half-mask & holds a rose bleeding crude oil from its thorns in his teeth. the pedals of the organ are made out of skulls! he comes from a mom & pop & mom family. he has a special way of drinking his coffee! he had a special way of drinking his coffee. he was executed by an electrical golem just a few hours ago. a golem from a flesh dimension! i think about. also: i can tell you about all the other positions on the tree besides "hanged." i can do it but i won't. a warlock has his secrets!

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