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gonna growl like a serpent. i know my diary has switched from a record of the sublime to the banal. it isn't a hurt, a wound, but the flip-side. instead of needing a redoubt from the world, a safe to crack, a stone table to set out the dark rainbows of my thoughts & put them aside to cope with a jagged bit of world? i've gone right ahead in the opposite direction. i've got a magic ring & a halo; i live in gotham & walk the dizzy streets with arms wide out, all eight of them. i don't need to store away the hurt to remind myself who i am because i'm better at being what i am. & quality is better than identity any day of the week. & pathos? well. if you ever thought i had pathos you weren't paying attention, really. but what am i to bleed over now? other than these two holes in me. & i've got the prettiest jewel to put into those absences. in all the chambers of my heart.

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