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it's a holiday, come on, come on!

still as rattling as lazarus; i'm not dead but i think i remember hearing something about being dead? same thing but with the sickness. the filamented mollusks from my gut have spread into my lungs, spun cotton-candy coccoons, silky threads dripping with slime. i crawled to the gym the other day, though, & found it to be a fine pursuit for a gentleman of my stature. my intention is to go again this evening, & also to lure the lovely beloved with me. come along to the gymnasium, wife! last night i played some of the coda to resident evil four (4), in which the deus ex machina events of the story are explained by the femme fatale's actions. i also played the tmnt game for the wii, which is alright. i also also drank some beers, & found it endlessly amusing to keep making donatello run off the cliff & die. so i did that for a while till jenny yelled at me to just finish the level. the turtles are really, really brilliant. just in general; playing the game makes me think of the enormous affection i have for them, & for tmnt & other strangeness. i like to imagine that the turtles, usagi yojimbo, & cerebus all share the same world.

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