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the bat-man, psychopomp.

i am not nearly as interested in the batman as a psychological phenomenon as i am in the batman as a supernatural phenom. no. it isn't about how crazy he is. okay, it sort of is. but putting on the costume; that is something different. he isn't a vigilante in body armor. bruce wayne is a shaman; bruce wayne is a cheval for the batman. once the mask & the cape go on, he becomes something greater than a man. yes, there is years of intense training, talent, gadgets, money. all of that is a foundation for the singular act of will & destruction of ego. a man puts on a costume & suddenly he becomes the peer of demigods like the kryptonian. i don't want people to think batman is a man in a costume-- this is why the fake batmen in the dark knight bother me. gotham city doesn't think batman is a man in a costume. they think he is at the most human a vampire; but just as likely he is something unknowable, like the mothman. batman is an urban legend, batman is something else than a man. so don't quibble with me about his mommy & daddy. he is the batman. his father is darkness & his mother is fear.

i guess something must have clicked, because i sure have been thinking about the batman lately. i've said for a while now that i want batman to be the mothman. i want criminals to receive phone calls from inhuman voices, phone calls that persist even when they yank the cord from the wall. i want the batman to be a demon, a monster, something inconceivable. i want batman to be watching on the batcomputer. waiting. i want batman to be free of toys & widgets, empowered instead by monstrosity. machines & devices are things that exist behind the curtain. i want jim freaking gordon to be unsure if he's a man or...what exactly.
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