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find a better short cut than crime alley.

all i've been talking about is media because all i've been doing is digesting media. i've been sick! still sick, like, what am i, dying of leperousy? i drink orange juice, airborn, soup, tea. i don't even care. nothing seems to be working, i'm still a cough bunny. this is the pits. so i sit on the couch or in front of the computer, with nothing to go on but what comes in through the windows in my face. i need some old fashioned fun. i am feeling better, more or less. i had a few drinks last night, but under this punishing heat, who can blame me? & i am, hell, high water, or otherwise, going to the gym this evening. on the plus side, i've developed my resident evil skills. i am death. i'm not quite the grim spectre of harvest i became playing metal gear but you wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alley, if you happened to have knife-tentacles for a head. that is all i'm saying. otherwise i try to stay in the clutches of miss jenny. often she doesn't wear any clothes at all! so i can't say this dog days heat wave doesn't have any upsides.
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