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sad to say it, doctor (dr) horrible let me down.

or i should say "how" because who could possibly guess as to the why? now, i really enjoyed parts one (i) & two (ii) of doctor (dr) horrible's sing-along blog. but even when people like dac predicted the events of episode three (iii), i didn't believe them. i almost didn't believe it when i saw it happen. i mean, joss whedon has been down this road before, right? he has to have learned his lesson. i've never bought him as the do-no-wrong feminist, but i figured he had to have a learning curve for these sorts of things, right? well, apparently not.

the long & the short of it is: the only female character in doctor (dr) horrible's sing along blog gets killed. by shrapnel. again. hey, did the female character get killed off to provide a story element for the male character? again? i would have hoped that by now whedon would have gotten the picture. that treating women as plot points is part of the problem with main stream media. but apparently not. i was really expecting that part three would have the plot twist? where we see penny's backstory & she becomes something more than backdrop. maybe she's a villain? or an alien, or whatever. nope! she's just a hollow shell, a woman-shaped macguffin for the boys to fight over. so poof, lets kill her off to punctuate this sentence.

a let down. apologists are going to make arguments, & i could make them for them-- "it was a character piece on doctor (dr) horrible-- it isn't the woman that was incidental, it was all the other characters!" which is an argument that only gives you the solution of "well, so then it just...wasn't any good?" if you want to subvert my expectations, how about you try actually surprising me, like having the girl in the love triangle win? or heck, i'd even have accepted horrible & hammer falling in love. sure, captain (cap) hammer is as shallow a character as penny-- but hammer is meant to be taken as a joke, while penny is meant to be taken seriously. or the idea that this is a "man's" story. whatever. i'm bored of it, you know? taking something i was really excited about & then screwing it up with some casual misogyny. great, thanks for nothing.
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