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some little troll of a guy came in here for a hilarious exchange. "do you have any indian books?" he asked me, after browsing our comic book section. what kind of books do you mean, sir? i asked him. "you know what i mean." i really don't. do you mean aboriginal americans or indians as in, the sub-continent? (my mind wandered, thinking of doggerland, as it has lately) "no. not indians like that." not like which? do you mean like, india? like indian authors or books about india? i usually assume when people dismiss options that they mean the first one-- people are dumb & rarely listen to everything you say. "no. i mean...porno."

?! i'd never heard anything like that. i turned to the former prince of pornographers, kingtycoon but he hadn't heard the euphemism either. jenny put forward the most plausible theory. she guessed that he meant the kama sutra, & thus just sort of extended that umbrella. i don't feel so bad about not being able to help that guy, since he was a creep (his feet make those sticky sounds like he's walked on the floor of pre-guliani jerk-off booths) but i guess that is what he meant. weird, though. now if only i can remember it & incorporate it into my own personal slang-- i'll just have to come up with pretenses for mentioning pornography. i added sociological images to my blog roll today, & generaljinjur & i have been talking about gender & video games a lot lately, so i'll come up with something.

in another note about doctor (dr) horrible..., i am pretty sure that the yogurt they are eating is from "yogo monster." which makes me feel like a horrible yuppie. that is the yogurt with all the cultures in it that agenesis made us eat with the rice-juju-bees. they opened a new branch up in park slope & maggie convinced me to go there, & it was...okay. dammit! & in other news, better news, marie sent me a review copy of her book cabinet of wonders just as i'm about to finish throne of bones. effing sweet.
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