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convert or be converted!

is it just me, or do these wizards of the coast articles on converting your character bug anyone else? i mean, they don't make me angry, but they kind of exhasperate me. "how to convert your character" could mean a variety of things, but it shouldn't be a list of no-brainer arguments. "favored soul is kind of like a cleric, so just play a cleric!" or "war wizard is pretty wizardy-- just play a wizard!" now, okay, maybe some fourteen (14) year olds out there are just waiting for "official" word so they can print up this article & present it to their dms? but come on, really? really? if you want to actually make a helpful conversion article, just put a little elbow grease into it! "if you want to play a favored soul, well, the new cleric works pretty well, except for that whole getting wings. you can take a martial proficiency as a feat-- that works for the first part. as to the wings & all that, well, below we have an encounter, daily, & utility power that replicate it." how about that? how about you give a little blurb like "for the war wizard, we suggest dungeon masters let their player swap impliment proficiencies for weapon proficiencies." just a little bit of colouring outside the lines? because otherwise, all you are saying is "please refer to the book you already own, thanks for the page load." you know? no help at all. this is the sixth (6th) installment & they are all just treading water.
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