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thats the plan. rule the world. you & me.

i took an alternate photo for jenny's photo-a-day for three hundred sixty-five (365) days thing. i think it is the superior choice! yours is the superior intellect, mordicai. it is, i heard about it, now whip up a sciencey shakespeare quote & have at you! lay on, macspock! oh, grim, bad, horrible, horrible. hey, speaking of horrible, just like everyone else you know, i am quite smitten with the new doctor (dr) horrible's sing-along blog. which comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone at all, not even the cheap seats or the peanut gallery. earlier today, caroline took me out to dinner at miracle. i'm almost better. stupid lingering cold. post-script (ps): inside of jenny there is a duck. & inside that duck there is a golden egg. & inside that golden egg there is a black hole. & if you are strong enough to resist the event horizon, & tiny enough to walk across the black hole's surface, you will find a pennant, & on the pennant are the words to a magic spell.

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