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not well yet but better.

keeping it tight & battened down, these hatches. it is a trick i learned from captain nobody! yesterday was a bit rough around the edges only because of the gross inside of me, the cough & the dribble. yuck, right? all flesh is grass. but i made it through the day, & even stayed late, & went to the bank, & was minimally useful in my life. okay. not the worst, not too shabby. it was all leading up to danielle's birthday party part one (1)! two (2) part birthdays are an invention i had, & why not spread the meme? spread it. like the borg. crap. the borg. i really wish ...the next generation had gone with roddenberry's q is the fickle god, borg are the relentless devil passion play.

danielle's birthday part one (1) was being held at asian pub, or thirty-five (35) cooper as i guess the are officially called now. me & scribble discovered that place, & it has stayed pretty fondly in my heart! by "in my heart," you shouldn't actually think about my heart, which is a cathedral to make h.r. giger stop furiously masturbating & gouge out his eyes. asian pub! where i managed to avoid drinking anything, since i'm all the king of sick. i ate a lot, though; jenny & i split some gyoza, & then i had a cauldron full of soup. a big old iron kettle filled with asian vegetables, & noodles, & tofu, & dumplings. i supped from it, & lifted it up & drank the broth from it. i am an old hand at the witch's pot! then we snuck out, left early. sick!

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