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b.r.p.d.: killing ground by mike mignola, john arcudi, & guy davis.

first off, guy davis is a hella good illustrator. i first became aware of him from his work on vampire: the masquerade, & i really like it. as to this book, i can't really give you a fair opinion. as it is really a "volume" & not a book. it makes little sense, really: some of the characters come across & even if you don't know their prehistory you can figure out what is going on (okay, johann is in a giant bodybuilder body, getting hedonistic, got it) but others (who is this old egyptian lady? just a really, really old egyptian lady?) don't make sense. the plot is confusing, though the ghost interrogation scene helps make sense of it (i like that device, though waiting too long is a bit risky...i think rather than delaying, interspersing would...well, then it might just be more confusing...okay). the end isn't...really an end, but a "to be continued!" shot, which again, is fine, but if you are looking for a self-contained story, this isn't it. it is volume eight (8) of the story, though, so it really can't be blamed.
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