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the begining of a beautiful friendship, louis! danielle lost her camera at the witch prison! afterparty, leading to jenny digging around in the trash outside looking for it, frenzies of searching, tears, a mess. the end result was the possibility that someone had just grabbed the camera, thinking it was theirs, & when seeing none of the photos matching what they took, would go "hey! who lost a camera?" which is what did happen, & it was ms. champagne to the rescue. this little homily i mention as the bridge to howcome sara is the friend from the play that i have managed to stay in touch with. plus, she lives in the slope, so that always is a perk. having friends who live close enough for you to walk home is a delicious perk. this is the story of our day out!

well, first, sunday. there was talk in the morning about getting together, sara & me, but no sir, that wasn't coming together. nor was brunch, or anything similar. i spent sunday fetching things for my wife. fetch me coffee! fetch me a bagel! fetch me some spirits! is what she would have said, if i hadn't anticipated all of her requests before she made them. then, you know, a little laying together, a little gym, some morning flowers, some night blossoming flowers, a firefly, a jeweled beetle. a spider, some curds & whey. it was a nice little morning & eventually she split for kira's & i headed to carrol garden's to meet with sara.

for bastille day! carrol garden's does the thing to the nines: the close of blocks of traffic & put sand down in the streets for bocce courts, they had a twenties ('20s) era big band stand going on with flappers dancing, all that jazz. i met sara & some of her friends under a tent & had a few glasses of champagne. ah! there was a couple dancing-- a gentleman in a red shirt & a woman in a flower print flapper dress-- they didn't match, but were dirty dancing, & i very much hoped they weren't together. a little bit delayed by the music & the seersucking, sara & i departed for the movie theater.

to see hellboy ii! it turns out sara & i have very overlapping tastes: wayne barlowe, comics, eighties ('80s) fantasy flicks, the whole pop cultural shores of geek pleasure. i quite enjoyed the movie! basicly, evil legolas is a pretty admirable villain, with reasonable motives, which always helps this sort of movie. all of the character's had face time, the visuals were as stunning as you'd expect from del toro, & the actors brought their game. the only failing on the film's part was the delay on firing chekov's gun. there are certain moments set up from the begining of the film? you know what i'm talking about. the better way to have used them would be for the characters to immediately break genre trope & use them. you know? i'm talking in circles. like "oh, in that story hellboy heard when he was a little boy, he heard detail x, & asked about it, so we the audience would pay attention to it." right? then later, when circumstance z occurs to set up for detail x, don't bandy around about it. have hellboy interupt the bad guy's big monologue. see, that is funny. learn some whedon tricks! don't, you know, wait for the dawning moment of realization. i'm just griping though-- i really liked it!

afterwards, we went over to her apartment, which was nice. she's got a railroad thing. i like seeing people's apartments, & also, before i forget, we had a nice moment of hating on the pulsing, glowing mac light. & a then we bonded over furniture, & how jenny picking out a desk that will keep the hateful hal 9000 (nine thousand) eye of the macbook hidden is proof of eternal love. we also drank a bunch of...pim's cups? pim number one (no. 1) & gingerale & iced tea, or lemonade, or with cucumbers, or any of the thousand of varietions. we did this sitting at her kitchen table listening to edith piaf & gypsy dance music, messing with the speed on the record table. then i walked home & she was mindblown that it only took a few minutes. dude, we live in the same neighborhood!

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