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i like the idea of password "keychains." it makes me thing about the levels of privacy & freedom individuals & groups require. like, you need a one for identity; something for signifying you are who you are, like for comments or whatever. then a personal one; email, blogs. then a fiscal one, & possibly a governmental one? i'm not sure how much involvement the government should have with your purchases. i haven't made up my mind about that.

there is a spot on the corner of my block? that has been just death to the food industry. it used to be a curry shop, then since has gone through various mediterranean & turkish incarnations. the current restaurant there called like, corner burgers, & i tried it out. i'm going to rule out any complaints as to speed or confusion-- they just opened, & sure, they were slow, & disorganized, but that is par for the course. the food was good but very fried. the fried pickles are a good french fry substitute (especially if you are berthed right next to the chip shop, as they are). we'll see how often we hit them up.

here is a thing, is "pretty" strictly a visual descriptor? because "hot" doesn't have to be. pretty seems to be desexualized. i don't know, we were just talking about it as jenny draped her legs all over me. the sprawl! which is all we've been up to: a whole lot of nothing. i lobbied for us going to see hellboy ii tonight but she's not feeling it. so instead, lots of just hanging out, watching television, playing video games. chilling out. vegetable, fungus, kali yuga, here we come. slouching towards armageddon.

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