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mario galaxy

the first wii game i have defeated! so, this game is a load of fun. i had played it when we took the nypl wii so jenny could aquaint herself with the system, & i knew i wanted to play it when we got ours. the game is pretty standard mario fare: you jump on enemies, smash them whatever. what makes ...galaxy awesome is the brain-scrambling gravity games. you fly through space, & land on planets. some of them have gravity that pulls you towards the center, little prince style, some of them are platforms for you to fall off of, some of them are gravity puzzles; all kinds of craziness. it is hard to explain how fun it is, but it is easy to demonstrate it; if you play for even a little while, you'll get the hang of it. the wii remote & nunchuck work really intuitively, but then, that is the charm of the whole system. oh! mario turns into a bumble bee! & a boo ghost! & you know, fire & ice powers, & invincible. & a spring, but that one sucks. plus, there is like, a function for a second player to do, but we never tried that out. anyhow, i beat it with 87 stars, which is only okay; there are 120 total? something like that, i'm guessing.
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