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sly twenty-eight.

do i feel like writing about last night? i suppose i could. yesterday was jenny's hatching day, so we pulled out all the speckled fragments of her egg shell & marveled at them. i'd gotten her a skeleton key dress, useful to any adventuresome spirit. locks & bars won't stand in her way; she's a slip & a shadow. i also got her a cameo broach in negative, haunted by the dark shadow of artemis on the hunt. & a book of architecture, for the better planning of her inner world. i love that girl, that is all. david & maggie were threatening to bail & take a sick day, but i told them they better not, if they didn't want to become persona non grata. i spent the day at kit marlowe & co. on my lonesome, heard the nightingale whistles of miss nemoren, & then the bedraggled maggie & david showed up at close & off we went to carla's.

carla's big plan was for everyone to make a special cocktail called "the jenny," & bring enough for everyone to drink. jenny made mine out of this stuff? somehow it showed up in our apartment after the wedding. basically just kool-aid for alcohol-- a ton of sugar, a little flavor packet, dump the booze in, freeze it, drink it. carla's was a little more well done...just a smidge. a hollowed out watermelon filled with liquids of the intoxicating variety. kira's "jenny" was a sort of bitter's based concoction, & she had made nino's entry, too, which was an ice cream & bourbon float. robert's drink was some crazy psychopathic drink-- cucumber & jalapeno. it uh, had a little bite to it. a lot of bite. if it had been strained, & was a shot, it might have been a winner. danielle's drink was a "hot mess hot jenny," but by the time it came out, i was a little too drunk to appreciate it. it was fruity! & joe brought shandies. david's drink was...shit, see, drinking makes tasting harder. triple sec? maggie's had a secret ingredient: coffee berries.

long story short, kira's drink won, & she got some kind of ice machine? or like a popsicle maker? there were cupcakes & brownies, then more presents; jenny got a vintage picture of the montauk club, & a thing. a thing! a mini refrigerator that you plug into your computer's usb port. no joke! david gave us her a wii game where sonic fights mario. presents for jenny have the perk of helping out this guy right here, sometimes. oh, & she got some soaps & stuff from her bachelorette party, that she finally picked up. & i just realized that i forgot again to pick up my twin peaks dvds. there was a moment when i mentioned my intentions to pick them up & jenny was like "you gave them to them!" & i was like "um, the fuck no i didn't." but she thought we were talking about the old vhs tapes. anyhow. i think there is some marvel comics history book that was intended for my birthday, but i didn't bring it up since it was jenny's birthday. no shadows were cast! so the night turned into everyone putting librarian temporary tattoos on, me putting one on kira's cleavage (after like, two fuck-ups) & general debauchery & rock band. fuck, we stayed there late; i think i fell asleep on carla's bed at like, three in the morning, & we left at like, four? i'm going to say four. i was pretty out of it. then, morning relief sex. help me, endorphins!

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