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last night was better. jenny came home late, but that gave me enough kick in the pants to stop complaining in my diary about not going to the gym & get back on the horse. the muscle horse! & then over to pizza plus for dinner & mentioning the pizza plus lady's honorable mention over at blognigger. back past the bermuda triangle & home. not that we did anything much. watched that i survived a japanese game show, which is pretty drawn out & only kind of okay (most extreme elimination challange gives the same story in less time) but made me obsess trying to remember what "majide!" meant. which i figured out eventually. some video games, some crinkle, some crackle. more attention than last night: good. & then bed. i think in the middle of the night i woke up & tried to seduce her without luck. sleepy. in the morning, i woke up, got ready, was running late, but still gave her her presents: jenny birthday! then to the store. everyone called out sick or drunk, so i've been by myself today. well, the sick people better get their shit in gear for pro drinking tonight.

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