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more of the laze! i wish i meant laser, but i'm actually sending out the language-pattern of "lazy." that vibration of telepathic sloth! i was going to go to the gym, but jenny had been in this super fun mood all day, & i decided to stay at home & capitalize on it. a plan which...failed! instead of hanging out, she worked on a project while i alternatingly read & played video games. she was putting all of our wedding photos together into a photo book, like my lulu nanowrimo, only this one is published by some cats called blurb. so that took up the bulk of her attention for the night, which is a bummer. i had picked up fruit, so we munched on that & then watched some more crappy celebreality. the schedule of our lives is still kind of off-kilter from the play, but i think it is slowly moving back into its proper orbit. tonight she works late, so with any luck i'll stir up the depths of my motivation & crawl over to the gym finally so i can stop talking about it. blah blah blech. me & my tricorn hat & my tricorn hate & my civil war blue & greys. what the fuck ever!

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