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feel like i've got fingers instead of guts, wriggling around against the sad egg-casing liner of my body from the inside. operation: the titanic, rats from a sinking ship. operation: grow the fuck up peter pan. operation: at least get hook's pirate ship. operation: operation operation. operation: you grabbed the bones in my body with tweezers & i started trembling & shaking. stupid rejection reaction, syndrome of pulled back teeth like a donkey skull. that turns over a card from last night's dream, all burying rotting bodies, digging them up again. maybe i'll enlist david in operation: turncoat, operation: fire in the sky, operation: get the hell out of dodge. i'm turning this office into my own personal battle fortress. you see what i did there? fortress? office? i can fall back on my scraps of paper for help! "boo" says one! "aum" another! those are today's mantras! hungry dead! boo! aum!

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