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no hope park slope.

val was talking about the gentrification of her neighborhood, which got me thinking about connectivity. i mean-- williamsburg is a successful trap, like a bit of wiremesh over the drain of brooklyn. it is booming, but in such a weird way. i was there for the rehearsals every week, which tends to be the only time i'm ever in williamsburg (oh, except for when we were going to matt's to talk about wedding photos) & i'm just, how do you say, hornswaggled with how gross it is there. littered with broken bottles & balled up wrappers. classy! to be fair, i don't have any familiarity with the neighborhood before this lower east side run-off thing started happening. maybe it is in the middle of gentrification? with all those ugly, prison complex, squat buildings going up? or maybe it is just gentrifying differently than i expect. see, living in park slope, i'm sort of in the epicenter of brooklyn gentrification. i try to support the good parts of it (small boutiques, for instance, though now days i'm an etsy shopper...) while scorning the bad parts (crappy, vanilla, polished, personality-less chains). i suppose i'm a darn sight closer to yuppies & nerds than i am to hipsters. i like that about me.

anyhow, connections. williamsburg is right across the water. an appendix to the guts of manhattan. man, manhattan! i am totally a brooklyn snob now, & having the show right off times square didn't help. since we were right up there in the theater district, we took the train through times square & mostly it was a parade of jenny & me snarking & feeling superior. it was pretty gross of us, but so unavoidable. people might live in manhattan. what an odd choice to make. so williamsburg is just an l train across the river, & sort of an overflow of the bottom part of gotham (o'neil's "below 14th street"). park slope is wired in too, but with some distance. all the trains cradle my neighborhood-- the 2,3 at grand army at the one corner, the f along the side, the r at the bottom, & then the q, n, r, d, 2, 3, 4, 5 at atlantic. not bad if you are trying to go somewhere. i don't really have a point to this, i'm just sort of ruminating on the circuitry of the city, on the economics of motion & place.

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