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oh my heavens, i've got that grindy-guts feeling, that glower power, sounds like i started the tying off, as if i'm mid-ship a bender destroyer. my foot really does hurt, but i'm pretty sure it is only bruised. i found out one of my fingers hurt, but then i remembered that there had been punching? we punched the sets apart? i don't think i was being an asshole, but honestly who can say. i was a jerk to jenny-- i'll make up for it though, since i can be around now. no more play! i keep having to remind myself of that fact, since i ate, slept, & drank (& drank, & drank...) witch prison! for the last week. people came to the last show: dante, beatrice, littlewashu, comeuppances came again with her bird & her kung-fu dancers, it was all a little melty pile; other folks folks came, the cast all got snookered & glad handy, it was a nice little mess, & ravenface wisely declared the party over shortly after we finished all the booze. good call! a second run would have left our ruin smote all over the mountain, gandalf & the balrog style. i'm still impressed that david & jenny went through the fucking garbage looking for ranai's camera. also, i think i was inappropriately obsessed with sarah's age, but it got under my skin, the riddle! the riiiiiidddddlllleeee. oh man, die die die!
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