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hand me my cape!

third performance & that means more than two-thirds (2/3) over! witch prison! is coming along nicely i think! today's was the first of the early shows: four o'clock (4:00). the morning wasn't used for much besides a little decompression, & putting a better widow's peak in my hair: hair driers & straighteners & whatever sure do the trick, it turns out. the show was pretty well attended, which was a pleasant surprise, since i'd sort of been braced to have the independence day crew stay at their barbecues (bbqs) & what not. tracey, sam, tom, & rbl came out, as did livejournal's own comeuppances. hydrozoa said she got some better snaps of the play, so we'll see those. there were some slippery tongues, as i am told, some fumbled, stumbled lines, but i'm still going strong: no fuck-ups yet! backstage i'm such a high maintenance bitch though: i will nag you to remember to bring your coffee cup! after the show, jenny & i just came home: she's still a little under the weather & frankly, i'm freaking exhausted. it is kind of weird & embarrassing to be so tired after the shows; like, i...put undefinable "energy" into it? being alive is stupid & weird. still, everyone seems to be having fun, & the scuttlebutt is that i'm doing well. go ego!
Tags: lionpinball, play, witch prison

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