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i still haven't seen any purple mountains.

independence day! so lets talk about our feelings, pen! like, about america. the united states of america. it is pretty exciting to live in america, i've got to tell you. first, a legitimate social experiment! say whatever you will, but a bunch of smart guys sat down one day & argued about what new ideas they could try out. this was only two hundred (232) years ago. wild, right? you know i like the things that came out of the enlightenment. cast off religion & monarchy for ideas & science. fun times, guys! i talk about my disagreement with the system; the tyranny of the masses, the bad idea of letting people always chose short term gain over long term game, the fact that inheritance just shifted monarchy over to the rich, &c. i criticize these things as a member within the system. i have a sense of civics. & on top of it, we're in the hegemonic country! we might be sucking at it for the past few years, but we've been out there swinging! & sure, i think imperialism has been co-opted by corporations & that a few honest invasion that raise up the red, white, & blue might be in order-- iraq, our fifty-first (51st) state-- but still. hegemony isn't failing us: english as a lingua franca continues to proliferate! & heck, our federalist roots got half a continent together-- more if you count canada & mexico, our client states. we live in science fiction, man! in the most important country in this period of history, at a peak of technology only barely rivaled by the highest points of rome, egypt, china. & ha, for extra points i live in gotham, metropolis, babylon. new york freaking city, the navel of the world.

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