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hail to the king, baby.

eternals: volume one by jack kirby.

no amount of praise heaped upon jack kirby is too much. there is no moment at which accolades, through alchemy, turn to hyperbole. "he is the most important person to ever write a comic," sure, that is easy. how about "he made the most important pictures ever," & then a sneering snub at cave paintings of deer & cows. "he used art as a psychedelic medium," is more like "he used art as a real method to contact higher powers." jack kirby! & the eternals is visually some of my favorite stuff of his. story-wise too-- in terms of story this holds hands with the new gods, since they are sort of brother & sister pieces of the same puzzle, along with mister galactus.

kirby has a sense of real divinity. it is really pretty great. the eternals themselves are what mankind remembers as gods-- ikaris, makkari, thena. but the are little more than humans; in fact, along with humans & the misshapen deviants, they make up the three (3) races of man. sure, the eternals can fly & control atoms, but if humans applied themselves, maybe they could. & if eternals weren't so busy meditating & learning to fly, maybe they could have more than a baby ever thousand years. so these "gods" are superheros, & done with it. but the space gods, the celestials, well! that is a horse of a different colour. the space gods are mysterious, physics defying, inscrutable, invulnerable. they are two thousand foot (2,000 ft) tall giants incased in wild, kirby-at-his-weirdest armor. kirby's big influence here is...incan stone work. no kidding! bloody brilliant. the space gods are on earth doing their thing regardless of human, eternal, or deviant; in fifty (50) years, they will judge! judge what, on what grounds, no one can say.
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