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have you met sam?

the second night of witch prison! & everything is going fine! everything except jenny being a bit under the weather. poor little sick starlet! if there was a sophmore slump, i didn't notice! second show curse = busted! if anything, i thought we were tighter: no one stepped on anyone's lines, screws were wound up, nuts were bolted. i did a few more flamboyant tricks which worked out, & sarah champagne was crawling on all fours which i very much liked. the audience was weird-- totally different than last night's. they laughed at different jokes, so forth. clapped along with the band, which was fun! i am told they were mostly caroline's people. last night was a lot of family. backstage i got a little passo-aggro with the smokers, but only because i get paranoid i'm going to cough & fuck up. i don't want to do that! legs will be broken! success only. then at the end there was no filing off! there was instead an infernal dance party! black mass, more like a black smash! wounds were had this performance; danielle bruised her knee & dave got a pretty nasty fingernail gash. well done, all. then we tucked off home, ducked out without a bow. but not before jimmy craft's wife got to tell me that i was very funny: sweet! give me a job!
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