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opening night!

last night was the big night, or at least, the first big night. play! the opening night of witch prison! yes, that fateful day (or week) has at last come, when months of drinking beer & saying our lines culminate into saying our front of people! witch prison! pardon me if i'm a little aimlessly exuberant, but it went well! so now i just keep shouting "play!" & singing snatches of "houdini's grave" & "secret lessons." that is something i haven't mentioned, isn't it? it is a play-- with music. not a musical, since we (the cast) don't do the singing, but with a full band accompanying & interjecting. the music is actually really fantastic, & "secret lessons" will shock whomever hears it.

opening night! fantastic. they laughed, a lot, which means we win. i hope financally the tickets & drinks broke simon even, but i know he doesn't care. i was pleased with how i performed. my literal performance. i stumbled over one line, jenny says i gave the antonym of a word in one of my lines, & a couple of my lines got stepped on which always tosses me off a little, but in no way tragically! there was laughter, so i guess i did alright. i tend to get really focused on myself in these things, since i don't want to sweat stuff that is outside of my control. i look at one single night, & judge off that-- i'm half the way done, three quarters of the way done, &c. that is my coping mechanism. meanwhile, i'm amidst the chaos & shiny boobs of back stage. i mentioned this was a slutty witch prison, right? boobs all over. there is a moment of jealousy always, because jenny has a chance to sneak out & have a margarita! sonofabitch!
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