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oh, martis dies, tyr's day, thing day! the last gasp of freedom before the plunge onto stygian darkness. before i commence to rage at angels both on stage & in life. nerves of steel, though, cables & girders, knit together. i'll be fine. okay, i am a little stressed. i hate theater! i like having done a play much more than actually doing it! i like breaking into the parts of the brain that shut down in front of groups of people & pulling out sparkplugs, switching them around & rewiring. first then when i got home, jenny & i (but mostly jenny) put in the new air conditioner (a/c) & threw out the old. i celebrated by doing a nice clip at the gym & then picking up sandwiches for jenny & me. on my way home from work i'd picked up coffee, which we'd not had for some week now, but i should have picked up shaving cream too, since we are out out out! & i did shave, & for the first time in like a year i cut myself shaving. & not even on a part of my face i was shaving, but up on my cheekbone. fucker! then i watched jenny play some bully, played a couple of stars worth of mario galaxy, read some warlord of mars & went to bed. i think i had dreams about being culturally deaf? also, my wedding ring sparkles like evil hematite. sweet!
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