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am i not the wardlock?

last night was the gorgeous, brilliant, clusterfuck dress rehearsal for the new lion pinball player's project, witch prison!. some things are very heartening, other things very worrying-- in other words, it was just like the last few days before any show goes up. i say this as an "old hand" at theater; i've been in upward of two plays before this one (upward if you count two lines in a high school musical). the most vexing thing-- i can only imagine simon is biting his fist in fury-- is the costumes, or more accurately, the lack thereof. i don't know what happened with the wardrobe person. hopefully the rumor that the costumes will come through on wednesday is a true whisper, carried through the gate of horn on mighty zephyrs. anyhow, my piecemeal costume of anton levay satanism is sort of acceptable, if it comes to it. the space is a piece of good news; there is a little kiosk all set up for the band to keep them out of our way, the stage itself is quite large, plenty of seats in the audience, a bathroom in the dressing room, all that jazz.

the first run through of the play was rife with dropped lines, as i understand it? at least, that is what everyone was saying when they came back from doing their scenes. i made it through without dropping any heavy lifting, so i'm pleased with that. there were some people in the audiance-- "industry" friends of some of the cast members-- & they chuckled a little, which is heartening. oh, & we made my claw hand! lois & me. it looked pretty good; i hope it holds up for the play itself, you knameen? i think it will. crafty! after the run through, we had a brief intermission, but i didn't bounce to go get a burrito, a face i regretted when i realized i hadn't eaten anything since lunch. danielle gave me the last half of her burrito, though. blue elf gave black warlock food he needed badly, you could say. then it was time for another go through. i stuck to the...vague shape of my lines, but i dropped a few words here & there. not that anyone noticed, apparently. then i broke one of the scenes i am in. i made simon bust a gut laughing, all sobbing with his head down on the table, & that got contagious, & was late, & we were slap-happy. i hope, because i'm totally doing the exact same thing next time, for the play proper.

gosh darn it, the play starts tomorrow. yikes! edit: plus i found out daile has been in a conspiracy to hack my pheremones by wearing the same perfume as jenny! so i'll like her better! a plot against mordicai! i like her already though. also, i think our scene the second time around was much better. hooray for us, as the director would caw!
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