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long live the stud!

the autumn of the patriarch by gabriel garcia marquez, translated by gregory rabassa.

i went into the general in his labyrinth looking for a magical realism (as gene wolfe wisely put it: "spanish for 'fantasy'") novel about a dictator, & got a pretty straight forward historical fiction piece on bolivar. sorry spanish guys--no accent marks for you. too lazy. the autumn of the patriarch was the novel i was looking for when i read the general in his labyrinth. it took me a hell of a time to finish it, though, & usually i stagger through anything pretty quickly. the thing is, this thing is fucking stream of consciousness. which, after i finished the book, made sense, as i realized it was written in seventy-five (1975). the moral of the story? i sure liked bits of this. images, passages, scenarios. over-all, it was a bit much. the myth of the immortal, feeble, charlatan wizard south american general? i don't have the revolutionary chops to buy into it, but i must say i find it engaging.
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