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when you are having a bad dream, it lasts forever. even if it is just a quick spike in your rem, a descent of just a few moments lost sleep, it goes on & on. which is the quick path to immortality: the nightmare world. i can spend another eon writing on top of the sheets while jenny sleeps on hopefully undisturbed, just living forever. disconnected. teeth falling out. under the bed & sitting on your chest. physics bent & crooked. i think it is the heat that has been making them surface harder than they've been in the past few months? waking up into a torpid, sweaty haze with the memories of the sea serpents of the unconcious roiling in my soup-can skull. check the door to make sure it is locked. down a glass of water & fill the cup back up & hit the hay again. the hay from the barn from every spooky story. "he isn't a serial killer," the guy says, "he's a spree killer." thanks for everything, noodles!

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