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vegetable weekend. i had a fairly productive saturday morning, despite the fact that i might be counting collecting stars for mario galaxy as producing. i also used bullet points, & hit the gym for a not to shabby slam at the weights. i...i can't remember what i did after jenny got home. seriously, you are supposed to be able to hold onto the past for a few nights, mordicai! all eroding away under my tender care. the inky, emerald sea lapping up a sugar beach. wait, i think what happened was that jenny & i eat "chip shop" & watched vh1 "i love the new millennium" episodes. seriously, my twiggy memory, you've got nothing for me? sunday morning was nice; indolent, even! fetched us breakfast & then splayed out on the floor playing wii while jenny read. gym again, & then play rehearsal. yikes, fucking the play. dress rehearsal tonight, doors open tomorrow. caught a few drinks at the pub with the cast, then thought better of another round & bounced home to watch jenny play bully. nice & lazy. since this week will be a whirlwind of theater, i wanted to get some crunch time in with my wife. note: i often will superfluously say "wife," because how funny/awesome is that?

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