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good bye toddler coffin, my old friend.

last night david & maggie came over with the two-fold purpose of playing on our new wii (i went back & delete "my" & replaced it with "our." married!) & to cart away my darling toddler coffin. the big plus side is that the bedroom is so much better today than it was tuesday; new furniture makes the space about ten times (10x) more livable. you know, now that i think about it, toddler coffin was the new "have you seen me?" wasn't it? in college i used to save all the "have you seen me?" postcards that were sent to my apartment, organize them by date, & then tape them to my wall. i must have had a nice bit more than a hundred (100+) up by the end. & that was when i was single. nice to date me, isn't it ladies! those came down when i moved to gotham, & toddler coffin went away when i got married. though too be clear, not as a result of being married, or at jenny's fierce insistence: it was her canny eye that spotted the toddler coffin first, her bright darkspot that said we should take it home. i wonder what will be next in the spook department?

david & maggie & mordicai hadn't been home for very long till jenny came with robert & carla. nice to see robert again! though carla was kind of bugging me; she's just like decided that willfully not calling me what i want to be called is the way to go. annnoying. wii went over pretty well; how many players can you get maximum? we had two controllers, so that was our max. mostly we played warioware, which is a bunch of minigames & hence easy to pass around, but we also played a little smash brothers (bros) melee & after carla & robert left, a little mario galaxy. drinks were becherovka & after the ice ran out, carla just started putting dollops of frozen orange juice concentrate in, which was a pretty good idea. now tracey is trying to get me to go to the gym with her, but i think my morning is cluttered with more waking up & coming into sorts, if you know what i mean. & drinking this yerba mate.
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