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i don't think you're ready for this (mini)jelly.

after work i darted up to meet with pamela at google. what was i going to say about that? i had an interstitial little anecdote i was going to share. ah! it was this: i was being a fucking idiot about trains. for some reason i just couldn't work my head around where i was going for a few days, & i had this expectation that i'd tranfer like this & then i'd ride that train until here, when in fact at the last moment i sobered up & realized i could take the two (2) train straight there. what the hell, brain? at least you got my back in the clinch. so then all of a sudden, there i was!

we walked through her offices briefly (jealous) & then-- adventure! pamela had been given these coupons for free stuff, two-for-one, whatever. they were all for the fancy chelsea mall that runs beneath her building; call me crazy, but it was just a ritzy shopping mall! an "arcade" if you will. anyhow, it was fun, & i quite like that pamela has the quality of character that makes talking to strangers a second nature. so she's great for going to wine tastings or to get free cocktails or whatever. handy! swiss! at the free cocktails, i got some thing with elderblossom sorbet & pam had some thing with red peppers & pineapple. & nate, the bartender, only wanted to talk about kissing girls!

after all of our scurrying for brownies & pickles & wine & candy was done, we walked around chelsea for a little bit. woah, manhattan is a weird place. filled with strange people! i hate to be such a brooklyn snob, but: BK! we grabbed a drink at a silly little cafe, which was like, six bucks a bottle. sure, guys! then back to pamela's place, where we drank some wine & watched enchanted. it was so-so; not as great as people built it up to be. jenny had watched it the other day & she warned me it was so. then from there it was time to go home. man, getting from her place to my place is a breeze; i can hop on just about any train to get home. i took the d! woah, this post is really disjointed, but i was being frequently interrupted!

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