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the joker: the greatest stories ever told by various & many.

the actual cover to this trade is an alex ross joker, & i do so like alex ross' mister j, with his toothsome smile, all shark & playing card. here is the best thing i can say about this: it has my favorite joker story in it, the steve englehart tale where the joker starts killing patent lawyers because they won't let him copyright "fish." it makes me think of hated fishmalks, while at the same time, you know, being the tale of a the original fishmalk terrorizing a town. also: i laughed out loud more than several times reading this. because i think the joker is funny. oh, it also has the black & white joker story of the joker not being crazy, but sane & dangerous. i like that one, too! shame there wasn't any way to shoe-horn something from arkham asylum in though, huh? oh man, the joker & batman are such admirable fellows, cream of the human crop! also, i was thinking about it-- if gotham is new york, & metropolis is new york & chicago, then maybe there should be a california superhero in "southland." is that okay? oh, there is a story about the joker having a utility belt, & it is kind of fantastic.
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