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the nile river!

i don't want to get rid of my toddler coffin, but it is staying in the family so to speak, by giving it to maggie. & one day maybe i'll take it back from her! i always sort of wanted to have it in my attic stuffed with treasure. sad coffinless mordicai. the good news is that getting rid of the coffin is a corner stone to operation livable bedroom. we have gotten rid of some of the old, rubbish furniture that dominated or cluttered the room, like the black desk of horror, which straddled the room like a dead cloverfield monster; also old bookshelves, plastic chests of drawers, broken chairs. with the new furniture added in, great strides have been made! that is what jenny did on her day off, she put furniture together for us. she also didn't eat, which made her a big crab! eat something! & alex came home with me so we could give her our old tiny television from the bedroom. see you, television in the bedroom, hello statistics about couples without televisions in the bedroom! then that night, i had a dream about getting alex pregnant? weird, brain. not like, secretly, or anything. in a jenny-less world where we had drunkenly hooked up, or something. ta-da!

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