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you know what, i usually only like tiny fragments of dystopian novels. like-- i like the caste system of brave new world, but the actual plot of the novel is rubbish. i like a bunch of things about 1984, probably foremost among them newspeak, but when i see covers like this i forget about how fucked up the psychosexual themes of the book are. it isn't the first drawing i've seen of the junior anti-sex league, but when i do see them, i'm always like, "damn." just such essential brain hacking on orwell's part. it makes me remember how i like when bret michaels admits that crazy girls are in fact hotter. i think about the sustainibility of the system he sets up in the novel, the information control, the paper tigers, & i'm pretty impressed. maybe it is because i've been waxing nostalgic for schwa, keeping myself in readiness for the great upheavals due in february two thousand nine (2009). i got my marching orders on that a long time ago.
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