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in spaaaaaaaaaace....

mystery in space (with captain comet) by jim starlin, shane davis, matt banning, al milgrom.

parallel evolution is weird. i've talked a bunch about how some of the science-fiction comics coming out in the last few years have been the things everyone has been sleeping in. dc's sinestro corps war & marvel's anihilation being sort of foremost. anyhow, the stand-out marvel title now is nova, & this mystery in space (with captain comet), as much of a moutful as it is, has a lot in common with it, right down to the talking dog. problem is, nova is good, while ...captain comet is not. captain comet is some fifties (50s) space hero, all telepathy & superstrength. how can you go wrong with that? well, by making him...superbland, i guess. comic starts out with him getting ressurected through silly mcguffinry, & then the plot of the comic...hinges on that mcguffin? okay? & the b-reel is the weird who is some eighties (80s) character of starlin's? okay. anyhow, it is a totally anonymous character-- captain comet-- in a cheesy sci-fi setting. oh, i should call him "comet," because he keeps telling everyone not to call him "captain." also, he starlin telegraphs his plot across the table like woah. "he was super tough in his super suit!" "thanks to his super suit, he was beating me up!" "the super suit he was wearing was the source of his powers!" "hey, maybe i something about his super suit!" sort of thing. he does that a bunch. art is okay, though. coronas of energy are cool.
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