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man i have come up with some awesome ideas. okay, first off is steampunk dungeons & dragons. not like, dnd with a little steam, but full on balls to the wall. the cleric of tesla! the eladrin simply shift their monads, they don't have feystep, they have a leibniz crisis! dragonborn, heck. a dragonborn with a monocle & a handkerchief is the best thing. you want flavor for your dragonborn? how about you make them all victorian gentleman, breathing electricity, hot steam, lye, arsenic. as peter pointed out, it did wonders for the giff, giving them monocles & putting them in naval uniforms. & as kingtycoon pointed out, why do female dragonborn have breasts? if you are getting tired of steampunk, & you might reasonably be, why don't you try out my newest invention? candypunk! half willy wonka, half candyland. oceans of molasses crossed underneath by hard candy submersibles, bi-planes of gingerbread with candycane gattling guns shooting jelly beans! juju oozes! he's been put into now-&-later cryostorage! you when the lolipop medal of honor from the sugarplum faerie! i'm the greatest genius there ever was.
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